Citi Simplicity Login – CitiSimplicyt bank login online

Citi Simplicity Login: Citibank was founded on June 16, 1812, as city Bank of New York. It became the First National City Bank in New York. It consists of 2,649 branches in 19 countries. A Credit card is a card issued by a financial company giving the holder an option to draw funds usually at the point of sale. Credit cards charge interest and they are primarily used as short-term financing. Credit cards offer benefits like cash back, rewards, encash, flexipay and more. Citi simplicity card is issued with multiple benefits and one can enjoy the amount that can be overdrawn by a user.

Top 3 reasons to choose Citi simplicity

  • 10% interest back
  • No late payment charge
  • No over limit fee
  • And No annual fee
  • Checking the Creditcard application status

Types of Credit cards offered by the Citi simplicity

  • Low-Interest Credit Cards
  • Rewards Credit Cards
  • Travel Cards
  • Cash Back & Savings Cards
  • Balance Transfer Credit Cards
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Secured Credit Card

Benefits and Privileges of CitiSimplicyt bank

  • Every month 10% interest back on prompt payment of monthly due’s
  • Rebate earned will be automatically credited
  • No hidden charges on rebates, so you can enjoy 100% as savings
  • Late payment charges are not collected
  • Overdraft is absolutely free of cost
  • Liberated annual fee
  • Exclusive privileges for favorite beauty, wellness, shopping and travel agents.

Citibank online

  • Card account information
  • e-statement
  • Online bill payment
  • Mobile bill payment
  • Mobile prepaid reload
  • Funds transfer
  • citi alerts
  • Rewards redemption

Steps to login to your account

Below are the steps to log in to Citibank account.

  • To open the Citi simplicity web page click on this link: official website
  • In the user id field enter the User ID of your account.
  • Type your password below the User ID
  • A scrolling menu says “Take me to…………” Takes you to the page where you exactly want to go.
  • In case if you do not select, it will take you to the page where you have to choose where to go. The best way is choosing the place at first, it makes your work faster and easier.
    ᄁ Click on the Sign on the blue button to log in.

Steps to reset User ID and password:

  • Open the same login page as above.
  • Click on the Forgot ID /Password button below the sign on the button.
  • The first column is for banking and credit card customers.
  • Enter your credit card number on the box.
  • Mortgage only customers can also log in by entering their email id.
  • Click on continue button.
  • Follow the instructions to get your information or to create a new.

How To register for CitiBank Credit Card

  • Firstly, it will ask your card number
  • Then it will take you to another page where it will ask your other information to proceed future for approval.

Contact Details

Call us

  • Online Banking and Citi Financial Tools Support: 1-800-374-9700
  • Bank Account Information: 1-800-627-3999
  • Online Technical Assistance: 1-800-347-4934
  • Lost or Stolen Credit Cards or General Account Information: 1-800-950-5114

Mailing addresses

  • Regular Payments: Citibank / Choice
    P.O. Box 183037
    Columbus, OH 43218-3051
  • General Correspondence: Citibank Customer Service
    P.O. Box 6500
    Sioux Falls, SD 57117